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Eternalz are coming to take revenge on humanity…

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

8,888 unique aesthetic collectibles with references from anime, games, movies, memes and more. Find one which fits you best in the metaverseStorylineThe Lord God who was giving lives and taking them from infidels created the Earth and the Human race. Humanity worshiped The Lord for millennia, but some remained who refused to worship The Lord. His love was so strong for humanity that he couldn’t notice the betrayal from those who did not love Him. Gullibility led him to death at the hands of his creatures, in his last seconds he managed to create an army of 8,888 Eternalz Soldiers and gave them a will and a mission to take revenge on humanity for everything they did. Though they’re inherently devoid of any shape or form, most of the time they choose to appear as human-looking creatures. For generations, they have been living side-by-side with humans to study them. The impressions they’ve gathered of humanity over several millennia led to the conclusion that Humanity is rotten to the core. Humans have been living in a reality which they have been created, escaping from the physical, chaotic world. Now the time has come when humans have to pay for everything they did. Are you ready to be their master and lead them to war?

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