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Eternal Marilyn – Still by James Suret x EZ NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

EZ NFT has partnered with 5 artists to generate 15 unique NFTs inspired by Warhol’s Sunday B. James Suret is one of 5 artists who release his NFT artworks. On July 10th, he drops ‘Eternal Marilyn – Still’ NFT piece on KnownOrigin. James Suret is a digital artist who specializes in creating dark and emotive artworks. ‘Eternal Marilyn – Still’ by James Suret is an Edition of 1, priced at Ξ 2. 00 / $4,156. There is also an animated version of this piece. James Suret also drops the ‘Macabre Marilyn – Still’ NFT piece and, also, an animated version of ‘Macabre Marilyn’. Don’t miss this first of its kind opportunity to acquire iconic physical artwork with its companion 1/1 NFTs!

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