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Entre las alcantarillas

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

This is my most special nft private collection, it is a set of 10 illustrations + cover page in polygon in opensea, based on the poetry book “entre las alcantarillas by the poet and writer raúl las heras catalán.The book was awarded the idelfonso manuel gil first prize for young poetry in 2001 (zaragoza). This book of poetry talks about the city and its own automatism.We are big community!!Youtube (art channel): https://www.Youtube.Com/channel/ucavqh8ltpiyu6-fme41tayqTwitter: https://twitter.Com/carlos_escultorFacebook: https://www.Facebook.Com/carlospamplonaescultorpintorDiscord: https://discord.Gg/hjxfj6jpProject for investors profitPrices:- cover page: 3eth- first nft of poem: 0.01- second nft of poem: 0.02- third nft of poem: 0.03- fourth nft of poem: 0.04- fifth nft of poem: 0.05- sixth nft of poem: 0.06- seventh nft of poem: 0.07- eighth nft of poem: 0.08- nineth nft of poem: 0.09- thenth nft of poem: 0.10=== roadmap ===01/01/2022: start creating nft models01/01/2022: cover page01/06/2022: first nft of poem01/07/2022: second nft of poem01/08/2022: third nft of poem: 0.0301/09/2022: fourth nft of poem: 0.0401/10/2022: fifth nft of poem: 0.0501/11/2022: sixth nft of poem: 0.0601/12/2022: seventh nft of poem: 0.0701/02/2023: eighth nft of poem: 0.0801/03/2023: nineth nft of poem: 0.0901/04/2023: thenth nft of poem: 0.10The nfts of poems are sold out… (holders will have 1 free nft).This is not a crypto punk nor bored ape but this poema will explode in your heart. Cool art nft collection!!

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