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Endangered Empire – Series 1: Angry Orcas

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Cardano

Project Overview

The first NFT series on the Cardano blockchain aimed to rescue, restore and rebuild our world’s most vulnerable and endangered species. By leveraging CNFTs and blockchain technology, we will open up a new way to make donations to save and protect wildlife. Over the span of the project, we aim to donate millions of dollars with the intention of eliminating the decline of the populations of endangered species and strengthening natures impact on mankind. We love all animal and plant species. We want to save the world, but we are crypto and community-oriented first. EE Collectors will be incentivized with exclusive club benefits such as real life events, meetups, airdrops (ADA and NFTs), giveaways, merchandise and of course, early access to our future releases and voting rights on various community decisions. Our plan is to target a specific species per series, where each EENFT purchased will fund protecting and rescuing the targeted species. Each species we select will be voted on by the EE community, with the exception of the first release. Community decisions and roadmap direction will be voted on by the EE community. Our first release will be our largest release. Every release following our first release will be numbered based on the number of the targeted species left in the real world. This release strategy is purposefully done as one of the many ways to reward our early community. Stay up to date with news, releases, NFT sneak peaks, giveaways, whitelisting and other updates by following us:Twitter:https://twitter. com/EE_CNFT(@EE_CNFT)Discord:https://discord. gg/3RfNZEYUXyWebsite:https://endangeredempire. comInstagram: @endangeredempire

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