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Empowered Queens – EMPQs

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Is about embracing & showcasing the beauty & strength of women from around the world. Our art pieces show the uniqueness of women from different cultures and traditions. Find yourself in HER. THE STORYThe world is a network, and we want to do more, to connect women from different cultures and backgrounds. Have you seen the beautiful women from the hills of Cyprus, going about their age old daily routine Or the skilled hands of the Women of Africa making fine traditional clothing. What about the ever inventive Mexican women adorning their hair with flowers and painting their faces with intricate designs for their yearly celebrations Día de los Muertos. THE GOAL/VISIONTo showcase empowered women & their bountiful cultures, through the uniqueness of our art. THE ARTA Digital illustration, using conceptual tonal art, to convey a realistic likeness. THE NFTSupplyTotal – 10,000Ultra Rare – 12 (1/1)Reserved – 200Price – TBCPresale – YesLaunch – End of Nov

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