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Elementa by Lefty Out There

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Multi-talented artist Lefty Out There returns to Nifty Gateway for a second drop. On June 21st, he drops the ‘Elementa’ NFT Collection. The artworks by Lefty Out There are bold and intricate, organic but uniform. He often calls for the audience to pay attention to things that they take for granted. The upcoming NFT Collection on Nifty Gateway, titled ‘Elementa’ explores the inner workings of Lefty’s environments such as Terra (Earth), Aqua (Water) to Ignis (Fire), and Aeris (Air). There is also the fifth element – Spiritus (Spirit) “as it runs through the veins of each”. Without Omnia (Everything), the five said elements would not be able to exist. Each artwork within the collection highlights the power of nature and the beauty of the natural patterns that can be found all around us. Each NFT piece has a run time of over one minute and fifteen seconds. Visuals by Lefty Out There are paired with sound design by the production duo, Louis The Child. Each track was individually crafted for each artwork “to portray the melodies of each worldly component”. Mark your calendars for June 21st not to miss the return of Lefty Out There to Nifty Gateway.

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