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Elegant Wolves

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

A beautiful pack of 500 NFTs called Elegant Wolves have taken over the digital plains of the metaverse, living on the ETH blockchain, hosted on IPFS. Each wolf is unique, with different colors and patterns in their outfits, backgrounds, and accessories, with over 200 combinable traits.Unlike all existing projects, each of the Elegant Wolves is created entirely by hand, devoting time and love to its creation to always give you the best. In the same way, being a collection with few NFT increases its exclusivity and value in the market.Roadmap:- Once they are all sold out, each of the owners will receive an NFT from our next collection free of charge, as a token of our appreciation for their support, they will only pay for gas.- We will also create a community wallet that will be used to maximize the growth of our community while also rewarding our early adopters. We will use these community funds for future integrations, as well as giveaways and more.

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