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Ecstasynft Whitelist

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Introduction:Ecstasynft is a rare collection of 4,444 unique nfts that contain an irresistible & addicting visual experience.Holders gain access to a myriad of continuous benefits such as mansion & yacht celebrity private events, metaverse sandbox distributions, and a decentralized trustfund managed by ecstasynft holders that distributes payouts every month.Utilities- access to private amas with top notch entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities- exclusive access to mansion & yacht events in la (only available to ecstasynft holders)- access to high-value 150k worth of giveaways- nft & crypto masterminds with founders and special guests- ecstasynft philantropy certification by donating 5% of profits to nami (mental health org)- eligible to receive a 25k usd business scholarship (must apply)- $200k sandbox metaverse integration distributed to ecstasynft holders- decentralized trust fund managed by ecstasynft holders. (profits distributed monthly)- free access to all blockchain billionaire boyz networking events

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