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Ecryptology collection

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

In ancient Egypt, the Goddess Bastet gave birth to this litter of 5.555 cats. They are the ones chosen to be the guardians of the Metaverse. Each one has special and unique qualities that allow them to protect us from any threat that arises in the virtual world. His main mission is to prevent the extinction of this parallel world and the humanity that lives in it. Are you ready to be part of this adventure?A Private Collection of 5.555 Cats living in PolygonMade by www.soniarodriguezr.com | Twitter @Ecryptology1Pre sale: february 6, 2022 (250 pieces)On sale: march 8, 2022 (350 pieces)Project for investors profitEach level will have different prices to guarantee the investor’s profit and floor.Prices: #1-1000 =0.08 ETH Prices: #1001-2000 =0.2 ETH Prices: #2001-3000 =0.5 ETH Prices: #3001-4000= 0.8 ETH Prices: #4001-5000=1 ETH Prices: #5001-5555 = 1.5 ETH Marketing = 200 random pieces

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