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Dyno Official

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

DISCORD PUBLIC only for the first 3000 people don’t stay outA unique and private collection of 40NFTs 3D Pre-release limited editions stored in the ETH network and coming soon and launch of the entire collection 6000 3D NFTsAfter having purchased our limited edition you become eligible to participate in the private pre-sale of our 6000 NFTs along with the valuable first-hand information about the most promising projects and offers in the NFTs world.ROADMAP:1. Creation of NFTs and launch of social networks.2. Alliance with a business partner for exclusive merchandising.3. Release of 40 limited edition 3D NFTs.4. Elaboration of the marketing strategy to stabilize floor price at 10 ETH.5. All our owners of limited editions will have access to future launches of NFT projects with best projection on the market. (This information will be transmitted through private channels).6. First private event on April 22 to 24 in *SANTA MARTA COLOMBIA* where all our holders will be participating in creation of the content for the brand while enjoying their trip on the private yacht with all the accomodations included.7. All holders will recieve our first merchandises In Santa Marta (Colombia).8. Development phase of the 6000 NFT.9. Launch of our discord channel and our new business partners.10. Launch roadmap 2.011. Minting of the 6000 NFTS, each one our holders of the limited editions of 40 NFTs will be able to mint one of our 6000 NFTs.12. Release of road map 2.0.

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