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Duffer Golf Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

DGC Roadmap (Phase 1)10% – The DGC will use the funds from the first 500 Duffers minted to purchase promotions to grow the clubs discord and twitter numbers. We will also use these funds to pay the gas fees of the free Duffers being awarded to the Original Duffers, and to purchase a Rarity. Tools ranking. 20% – An exclusive airdrop will be sent to the first 100 people to mint a Duffer. 30% – The DGC will purchase plots of land in the Sandbox. These land plots will be the building sites of the DGC country club and golf course coming in phase two of the roadmap. 40% – The DGC community vault will be established. DGC members will vote on NFTs to be purchased with the first $15,000. 50% – If your Duffer is wearing Duffer Merch you will receive 1 of 500 free DGC Sweatshirts (These sweatshirts will be given out after the reveal). Duffer Sweatshirts will also be available to purchase at duffergolfclub. com when 50% of the Duffers have been minted. 75% – The community will vote on what NFTs to purchase with the second $15,000. Sold Out – The Duffers will be revealed within a few hours of sellout, and The Rarity. Tools rankings will be immediately available. Among the 5,000 Duffers, there are 9 wearing sweatshirts with the slogan “Buy NFTs Not Drugs. Upon sellout, if your Duffer is wearing one of these sweatshirts, $10,000 will be donated in your name to The Herren Project. The Herren Project is a nonprofit organization that provides addiction recovery services including treatment placement, support for families and substance use prevention programs for youth. More information can be found at herrenproject. org. The Caddie Club will be established and opened to all Caddie Club members. Work will begin on a number of exclusive airdrops coming to Duffer holders including but not limited to baby duffers, honorary duffers, caddie club exclusive airdrops, and golf clubs and golf balls to be used at the DGC Country Club and Golf Course. ‘u200bDGC Roadmap (Phase 2)20% of Royalties will go to the Community Wallet. The community wallet will be in the hands of Duffer holders. We will hold weekly meetings in the (investments) channel in which we will discuss and vote on what to invest in as a community. This will eventually lead to what will become the DGC DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). The DGC DAO will be used to vote on every aspect of the DGC including but not limited to suggestions for future development and votes, blue-chip nft purchases, IRL utilities, golf getaway locations, merchandise designs, and artists collaborations. ‘u200bThe DGC will purchase blue-chip nfts (to be voted on by DGC holders), fractionalize them using fractional. art, and store them in our DGC vault. Ownership of the DGC vault will be determined by ownership of Duffers to create a weighted measuring system to balance out the ownership structure of the DGC vault. Duffer trait rarity will also play a part in determining ownership of the DGC vault to encourage buyers to purchase the ceiling as opposed to just the floor. The basic idea is there will be 5,000 pieces of the dgc vault spread out among duffer holders. The more duffers you hold the more of the vault you will own. ‘u200bAn undetermined number of “aesthetic duffers will be turned into 3D figurines and be made available to purchase at duffergolfclub. com. The DGC will begin construction on the DGC country club and golf course located in the Metaverse. DGC AIRDROPSDuffer holders will be rewarded with multiple exclusive airdrops, some based on traits, some based on the number of Duffers they hold, and some simply based on the fact that they hold a Duffer. Honorary Duffers – Honorary Duffers will be awarded to outstanding DGC members. Honorary Duffer holders will work with Ser Benedict Duffer to design their exclusive 1/1 honorary Duffer. Golf Balls/Golf Clubs – All Duffer holders will be airdropped a golf club and a golf ball to be used at the DGC country club and golf course located in the Metaverse. Caddie Club – the Caddie Club is the most exclusive club within the oldest and most prestigious golf club in the Metaverse. Membership to the Caddie Club will be determined randomly. If your Duffer is wearing a green CC patch, you have been selected to be 1 of 500 members in the Caddie Club. The Caddie Club will come with many benefits including but not limited to exclusive airdrops. Baby Duffers – Some of the Duffers are pregnant. If your Duffer is pregnant you will be airdropped a Baby Duffer. If your Duffer is pregnant with twins you will be airdropped two Baby Duffers.

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