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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Hey there strangers, welcome to the mysterious and wonderful world of Dragonseaa which found it’s home in the Polygon blockchain. This collection is solely dedicated to fantasy art, it is home to 200 unique worlds up for grabs.The images below are influenced by my dreams ever since I was a little kid, these dreams about fantasy/fictional worlds has a always left a long-term positive impact on my well-being. Here I am sharing these art pieces with the world hoping that someone will experience the same positive impact as I did.The collection will have plenty of utilities in the future such as NFT giveaways, ETH giveaways, donations to Charity, implementing of tokens for passive income and many more. Feel free to visit our website for more info.It will be a great honor if you would join me in the fantasy world of Dragonseaa

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