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Dragon Ball

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Collection of 250 cards in the polygon network. Join our social networks! -Discord -Twitter -Instagram Project for the benefit of investors, presale price!Price: -Cards with 1 star = 0.001 -Cards with 2 stars = 0.002 -Cards with 3 stars = 0.004 -Cards with 4 stars = 0.008 -Cards with 5 stars = 0.016 -Cards with 6 stars = 0.032 -Cards with 7 stars = 0.064Roadmap 1.0-November 20, 2021: Creation of the collection -December 10, 2021: Inspect the OpenSea market and marketing-January 25, 2022: Introduction to Discord Social Networks and Community -February 15, 2022: end of production of 250 units, -March 25, 2022: Launch at OpenSea – Total sale of the collection? -Creation of the D.A.O. with the holders of the 10 special cards. Roadmap 1.2-Community decisions, new cards, merchandise, free NFTs for holders, manga salon tickets. This collection is here to stay in the NFT world, all the followers of this great manga, we want a collection at the level of crypto punk or bored ape.

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