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Dope Ape Drip Society

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Dope Ape Drip Society is a 5,555 collection of Dope Ape NFT’s- unique digital collectables all residing on the Ethereum Blockchain. Inspired by the high fashion and streetwear cutlture, D.A.D.S focuses on providing real world and digital utility to all of its holders. Your Dope Ape will serve as your official membership into the Drippywood community and use of its special members-only benefits. From earning $Drippy token, claiming your monthly merch Drip Box, building in the metaverse and participating in monthly giveaways and IRL events, D.A.D.S puts utility and holder value at the forefront of all operations. Join D.A.D.S in our journey to create an amazing community passionate about being the drippiest apes in the metaverse.

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