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Doodland metaverse

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

New NFT Metaverse Upcoming!Buy Lootboxes for Get your own Unique DOODLAND Metaverse Character!Presale starts now!Presale price: 0.04 ETHPresale end Price: 0.1 ETHWelcome to DOODLAND Metaverse.Buy Lootboxes and Get your own Doodland character to get great privileges in our upcoming VR Ready Metaverse.The Alpha version of our metaverse is expected to launch around December!Each DOODLAND NFT owner will receive a DOODLAND Token corresponding to the Rarity level of the NFT they own, after each NFT they own.Common: 5000 Token – about $ 50Rare: 10,000 Tokens – about $ 100Super Rare: 20,000 Token – about $ 200Legendary: 150,000 Token – about $ 1,500In our metavere you will have the opportunity to: – Mining our token – Receive rewards after completing challenges – Make friendships / alliances – Establish a clan – Great metaverse to get to events – Metaverzum Casino – Etc.I hope you enjoyed it and would like to thank you for your investment in providing you with a great gaming experience that you can not only have fun with, but also make money from!

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