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Don’t Eat My ONiON

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

MVLChainMVL is the Web 3 Mobility Ecosystem.MVL is a blockchain-based mobility ecosystem launched in 2018, which is the fastest-growing mobility platform in South-East Asia.We have over 1 millions of drivers and passangers and also are operating strong business service, TADA Ride-Hailing and ONiON EV.We aim to make infrastructure that bridges the digital world and mobility business. The most important thing to advance to the next level is the MVL community.DEMOMVL NFT called DEMO is integrated in 1:1 ratio(1 NFT : 1 car) with actual vehicle manufactured by MVL.DEMO T1 Collection is the first collection of 5,000 NFTs that will be integrated with 5,000 actual ONiON T1 vehicles. As distinctive characteristics of DEMO, owner of NFT will be able to receive items generated based on data accumulated in associated vehicle and, for some special NFTs, receive lease throughout specified period.You can find our project, in our discord!

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