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Donny’s Dinosaurs

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

A private collection of 555 Donnys dinosaurs at PolygonMade by FixiaNft’s (10% of sales will go to charity)We are community!! https://linktr.ee/FixiaNftWhat are Donny’s?They are Dinosaurs in pixel art with unique and limited characteristics since each Donny is a different and unique character, thus achieving from accessories and colors that no other Donny will have since they are all handmade with different and unique ideas.Why are the Donny’s so unique?Each of the Donnys are handmade, the 555 that will be released will be made with different imaginations and ideas, none will have the same elements or colors since they will not be generated with templates or codes.ROAD MAP01/02/2022: Start creating NFT models ✅07/01/2022: I am looking for Charity to the destination % sales ✅01/18/2022: Configure social networks and benefits of WP-OWNERS ✅01/27/2022: Create Landing page collection in Opensea. ✅11/02/2022: NFT Donnys Dinosaurs Minting in the open sea.This is Crypto pixel art, not punk or Bored Ape, but these dinosaurs will explode in your heart and mind Cool art NFT Collection.!!

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