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Doge Generals NFT Launch Oct. 2nd (Animated + Audio, Fine Art!)

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS GALLERY, YOU WILL THANK ME: https://oncyber. io/dogegeneralsDoge Generals is a fine art with an post-neo-modern twist: EVERY Doge General is fully animated and has a dope soundtrack so that you really feel like you are there. The team’s incredibly talented artist created a truly special experience based on historical figures from all over the world. We profit share as a team and will donate 10% of profits to the humane society. We are trying to conquer the world by creating a Doge General for every country 🙂 . Our pricing strategy is to give EVERYONE a chance to HOLD one of the epic pieces, with price points starting at 1 Dogecoin. While the majority are one of a kind and on ETH, we also have a few on MATIC so you don’t need to pay fees + multiple copies. SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE IF YOU ARE A BAG SWANGER: If you buy this Doge General, YOU get to select the next Doge General we create! We will create two completely unique versions of the general you select and will send you one for free!Opensea: https://opensea. io/collection/doge-generalsGallery :https://oncyber. io/dogegeneralsTwitter: https://twitter. com/DogeGeneralsdiscord: https://discord. gg/qPbPQChu

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