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Dodgy Dingos

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

For a great new Australian #NFT collection come join discord https://discord.gg/7bvNjZDf or look at https://www.dodgydingos.com for a very unique Australian collection hand drawn by an Australian artist L. Ritchie. With a dedicated White List and milestone giveaways during the drop.The first 20 new members that join discord and invite 5 friends will receive a free Dingo.The first 1000 members will be placed into the white list to gain access to minting prior to public sale, this will help reduce gas prices.Public Sales will open midway through March, exact date to be advised depending on membership.The very first utility in this project is a very healthy crypto give away. At the end of the first collection we will have given away $130,000 worth of crypto currency to about 85 Dingo owners.

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