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ddNFT is an acronym for do different NFTs. The ddNFT project gives us a new way to do NFTs, a new way to do financial ecosystems, a new way to do web 3.0 ownership, and most importantly a new way to do energy.This project is about financing and safeguarding our future by funding our startup energy company, and sharing in all the benefits backed by 100% of the shares in the startup. The startup will produce 100% emission free clean and reliable energy that will eventually service the world’s energy demand. ddNFTs will empower a new way of doing energy that will prove to be the most effective tool at our disposal to effectively deal with climate change.This project is also about creating real value to be shared in common while removing the hit and miss speculation associated with NFTs; this is done by ensuring the value is built into the tokenomics https://aladdinslight.blogspot.com/p/tokenomicswhitepaper.html . The structure of the tokenomics is about optimizing network effects and paying 100% of those effects and all profits and even 100% of the company dividends back to all those who stake a claim. (NO MORE MIDDLEMEN LEECHING THE CREAM).However, get in early and hodl, because the 1st tier founders will be super privileged, read how ddNFT hodlrs double dip the founders pool; see https://aladdinslight.blogspot.com/p/tokenomicswhitepaper.htmlTo be frank, the founder is a true wizard… read the science page and understand how he’s proved time translation symmetry breaking energy. Mainstream physics teaches that this is impossible. However, now there’s proof otherwise. The proof is written at a level many of you may be capable of assessing. A new way to do energy!A0endre also explains where mainstream physics went wrong in a simple way… see here https://aladdinslight.blogspot.com/p/science.html . Because Mainstream physics missed the boat, A0endre has had years to perfect the science and design solutions before everyone else, and now we can all share in the benefits of the perfected work.He also formulated and proved a set of free energy axioms to reset the foundations of energy physics so that mainstream physics can assess previously hidden free energy physics… the paper is slightly more technical and written for students of physics, from the professor to the undergrad, to the self taught. The blue notes were added to aid in understanding the work, see here https://aladdinslight.blogspot.com/p/time-translation-symmetry-breaking.html .There are two classes of ddNFTs, ordinary (Choose Your Noun) and customized (Design Your Noun). The ordinary ddNFTs drop on the 19th of March 2022 at 2 pm NZST (GMT+1300)The opportunity to customize your noun will drop a week earlier than the main drop. This is to allow 67 individuals first choice from nouns scheduled to be dropped as ordinary ddNFTs. But it’s an opportunity to be creative, to do wat eva, the choice is yours. The advantages of designing your noun allows you to grab a larger stake in the liquidity pools and company benefits via the purchase of one ddNFT, and a unicorn is used to differentiate the customized from the ordinary.Together, we will change the fate of humanity and what it means to stake ownership in web 3.0The cover Image features the Love ddNFT… perhaps the Love ddNFT was meant for you?

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