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Dizzy Drifters

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Producing Daily Dizzy Drifters and Customs | Minting at . 05eth1st LAP: 7/150Glad you made it to the Drifters Circle where 500+ unique drivers & their saucy whips known as Dizzy Drifters dwell. Dizzy Drifters are distinctive handmade NFTs created by yours truly Keezydraco there aren’t many cryptos on the blockchain as distinctive as these drift track demons. Your Drifter can be held to enter into the Drifters Circle with the gang which provides access to V. I. P. benefits, which includes pre-orders for future merchandise, free resin products from my fianc√© down the road, collectibles, NFTS, etc. The first 15 who own and hold a Dizzy Drifter shall receive a custom drift car to correlate with your drifter.

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