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Dino Metaverse World

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Caribbean artist, creator of 4860 Unique Dinos living in Polygon #NFTs.Pre-Sale -25 MaticPre- Sale Date –28 Feb 2022 (Time 4PM – UTC)The projectThe incredible world of Dino, where you can find 6 different species: Fire, Water, Plant, Electric and Mystical.Each species has 5 different Dino and 4 different eggs.Fire, Water and Plant are common Dinos and Eggs.Electric And Mystical are rare Dinos and Eggs.There are 200 Baby Dinos that are Legendary.Dino metaverse club road mapPre-saleAfter the pre-sale, holders will have the opportunity to win 100 of the 200 legendary Baby Dino.15% SoldWell be selecting multiple winners and giving away ETH prizes.25% SoldDinos are extinct but we will not allow that to continue to happen, 3 ETH will be donated for the protection of animals in danger of extinction.50% SoldWell giving away ETH prizes for holders and ETH to charities.75% SoldHolders will have free access to the future nft convention sponsored by Dino metaverse Club and free accessories exclusive from the Dino Metaverse Club.100% SoldWe did it!! The second season is coming and holders will get a free nft.Future of the dino metaverse clubWe will work with the community to continue progressing with this project and make it a brand with exclusive benefits for holders.Along with Season 2 will come collaborations, trademarks, and more nft conventions.

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