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Digital Land in Metaverse

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

We are introducing the Affordable Collection of Land Parcels in the world of Infinity Void. On the basis of location, the land has been divided into 3 segments: Affordable, Luxury & Ultra Luxury.For Affordable Collection, you may visit at: https://opensea.io/collection/infinityvoid-affordableFor Luxurious Collection, you may visit at: https://opensea.io/collection/infinityvoidFor Ultra Luxurious Collection, you may visit at https://opensea.io/collection/infinityvoid-ultra-luxuryAbout the ProjectInfinity Void is a metaverse where you can own your land in a decentralised economy. Apart from earning money you can also interact, socialise, play in the metaverse. It is a Polygon blockchain-powered virtual world, developed and owned by its users, who can create, experience, and monetize content and applications. Join a growing community of virtual world inhabitants who are building the world’s largest alternate reality economy on the blockchain. We are using the best gaming engine with high-quality graphics and renders

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