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Digi Caps Weekly Bottlecap Drop

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Digi Caps are a collection of bottle caps fromThe Dreadlandsis a post-apocalyptic world decimated by a catastrophic meteor strike. Jax Oxide, leader of the Digi Cap Raiders and owner of the Bar & Chill has caps for sale, rare bottle caps from all over The Dreadlands!The Crypto Cap Collection is the first of at least three bottle cap collections containing 999 caps in total. Each cap is uniquely designed by hand with specific traits from The Dreadlands. Each week 25 new caps are dropped, each unique in it’s own right and with special traits and stats you’ll find nowhere else. Each NFT has its own description and story behind each individual NFT.With every Crypto Cap comes a free undercap NFT!Undercaps hold their own value and rare traits. Hodling them means you are entered into a prize draw for the first 25 caps of the next cap collection!Owning a Crypto Cap also grants you pre-sale access to ALL future collections, including afree mint for a Digi Cap Raider Avatar, a collection of 9,999 unique Dreadlanders split into 5 tribes!Visit the Bar & Chill and see why you shouldn’t miss out on this project!

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