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Deep Feelings

Exclusive NFT Collection

Blockchain: ethereum

Project Overview


MR. WONG, Jiamin – Generation Y artist

Shenzhen, China

Attempt to create an illusory space outside of reality


Deep Feeling

Mr. Wong Jiamin’s Exclusive NFT Launch of “Sitting Alone in the Dark” through NFTCollection, presents a feeling of establishing a relationship with the outside world.

Deep Feelings is an ongoing series, a journey, a process of unknown and change, which is paralleled by an unchanging and strongly ordered natural landscape.

The work itself is complete, yet unfinished, it has no subject and requires a response from the viewer and a complete aesthetic process before the ‘finished’ product can be formed.

The spatial variations of the work are complemented by a sensory experience that allows the viewer to enter into a paradoxical state of mind, which leads to a reflection on the relationship between the transient individual and eternal nature.



In 2012, his work “Broken Dreams” was exhibited at the 1st Guangzhou University Student Art Fair in Pazhou Exhibition Centre.

In 2012, his work “The Great Enlightenment” won the second prize in the Guanyin Culture Original Artwork Competition and was exhibited at Baofeng, Xiqiao Mountain.


In 2013, his works “The Great Enlightenment” and “Reflections on the Lower Part of Body” won the Excellence Award in the China College Art Exhibition.

In 2013, his works ” Terracotta Warriors – Soul Series I” were selected to participate in surge art Beijing and exhibited in the Orange Hall of Sanlitun Village South in Beijing.

In 2013, his work “The Great Enlightenment” was selected to be featured in “Speaking with Paintings – New Youth in Art”, published in Art Newspaper.

In 2013, his work “The Great Enlightenment” and “Terracotta Warriors – Soul Series I” were selected for the 7th Chinese Students’ Art Works Yearbook.

In 2013, his work ” Reflections on the Lower Part of Body ” was selected for the 2013 Caesar Art Rising Star – Annual Nomination Exhibition for Art College Students, and was exhibited at Today Art Museum.

In 2013, the work “Terracotta Warriors – Soul Series II” was selected for the Independent Character 2013 Potential Artist Annual Nomination Award for university students

In 2013, his work “Escape” was selected for the “Growth-2013 Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition” at the China Art Palace.

In 2013, his works “Terracotta Warriors – Soul Series II”, “Wandering Hockney, David”, “Life – Soul”, the 5th Xiaozhou Art Festival Original Art Auction.

In 2014, his work “Wilderness Youqu” participated in the first exhibition of “Ink and Paintings” – the first Chinese opera painting and calligraphy art exhibition and won the excellent reward. Exhibited at the Water Cube and the Summer Palace.

In 2014, the exhibition “A Personal Ritual of Detour” by Zhong Hao, Chen Weilong, Huang Jiamin, Liang Zhenwu, Lin Lin, Lai Yuying was held on the ground floor of the Art Building of Guangdong University of Foreign Trade.

In 2014, his work “The Breeder” was selected for the China ASEAN Youth Artwork Creation Competition and exhibited at the Autonomous Region Museum.

In 2015, Huang Jiamin’s solo exhibition “Happy Journey” was held at the Second Studio of the Oil Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. (Deep Feelings)

In 2015, his work “Breathing” and “Deep Feelings” were exhibited in the “Source of Confused Water – Contemporary Art Group Exhibition” at the Second Studio of the Oil Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 289 Art Space.

In 2015, the work “Journey” was exhibited in “Encounter Experiment – Choice of Graduation Star” at O’Plaza Box Space in Shenzhen.

2016 Oil Painting Exhibition of the Oil Painting Union of the Eight Academy in Wuhan

2017 Shenzhen Biennale. Temporary Art Community in Shenzhen

2018 Guangzhou Design Week in Guangzhou

2021 Shenzhen Valley Rain Art Festival – “The Closest Distance” 5 paintings from the series “Deep Feelings” in thematic art exhibition.



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Project Roadmap



As a utility to all NFT owners, for the cost of production and delivery, we will process for you a CUSTOM print of A CUSTOM ARTWORK, print it on Somerset 410gsm Satin paper using professional acrylic inks, and emboss it with your unique NFT # and NFTCollection’s official art certification. This print will be a unique work of art, like your NFT, and only available to the NFT owner.

Redeemable once per NFT.



Owning a Sitting Alone in the Dark NFT will grant you access to NFTCollection’s community on Discord; an innovative community platform. A place for fans and friends to come together and collaborate on current and future creative projects from Renown Emerging artists around the world.

The community on Discord will offer an intimate environment for Jiamin WONG to express his creativity through; and provide you access to unique works, experiences and future projects in art, music and film.

Initially open for all (in a limited capacity), after all the NFTs have been distributed, only holders will be granted access by connecting their wallet.




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