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Death and the Maiden 2021 by maysgrafx

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Justin Mays aka maysgrafx is a creator that is responsible for motion design and direction in Apple. He also makes part of BCollective, a crypto-artist collective from Swiss. Death and the Maiden 2021 is the first NFT drop by Justin Mays that will be released on the 4th of March on KnownOrigin. In this artwork, the artist has used classical and blackletter fonts in a futuristic aesthetic through holographic treatments. Here is the description of the artwork in a few words: “There are two figures, with a young woman being seized by a personification of Death, often shown as a skeleton”. By the way, such juxtaposition when Death is depicted as the Maiden is based on the common motif in Renaissance art, especially painting and prints in Germany. It’s gonna be a high-profile release! Set the notification!video width=640 height=782 mp4=https://nftcalendar. io/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Death-and-the-Maiden-2021. mp4/video

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