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Dead Cyborg Ape Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

*20%Once 1,999 dead cyborgs are minted we will give away 10 Tokenframe™️ NFT Displays to random holders. With these high tech picture frames community members can display their DCAC NFTs in their own home. Development will also begin on the DAO with an initial 30 ETH added to the community wallet. We will also host a community giveaway of 20,000 USD.*40%When the DCAC is 40% sold out or about 3,999 dead cyborgs are minted, $100,000 will be donated to a charity/organization that the community will vote on. An initial vote will be cast for the top 5 charities, and a second vote will be cast for the charity which will receive the total donation. We believe that giving back and supporting important causes will be fundamental in creating a valuable community.*60%Once the DCAC is 60% sold and 5,999 dead cyborgs are minted all genesis DCAC holders will have a chance at being air dropped a 1 of 1 ultra rare dead cyborg. 10 of these dead cyborgs will be airdropped in total. An additional 20 ETH will be added to the community wallet for further development and exposure surrounding DCAC.*80%When 7,999 dead cyborgs are minted and the project is 80% sold, the “Worldwide Zombie Race will commence for $50,000 in prize pools. Coordinates will be given to five different international locations where a hidden scroll will be planted. The first DCAC holder in all five locations to find the scroll will each receive $10,000 in ETH and other cool DCAC merch.*100%Once all 9,999 dead cyborgs are minted, development begins on a fully fledged cross-platform collectible card game to add more utility to the DCAC collection. The community will be involved along every step of the process. Over $100,000 will also be spent on community development and marketing (both digital and physical) to generate more exposure around DCAC. Being a DCAC holder will give you exclusive access to all future DCAC events and giveaways.

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