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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

First drop with a collection with 2666 d*ckies living in EthereumThis is not a Crypto punk nor Bored Ape this D*ckies will explode your bagMade by a Mexican girl (10% sales will go to Charity people with genital Cancer)social media https://linkr.bio/dick-eyezDiscord (8397 members)Instagram (1300 members)Twitter (274 members)=========ROADMAP===============By simply being a holder, you will get a special hoodie and will take part in a unique club where you’re going to be able to win luxurious gifts and also, connect with people with our networking discord. 0%The luxurious gifts pool is going to be larger; all holders will have a chance to win rolex, sneakers, iphones, ps5 and a lot of more things. 20%Your buy will not only make your money grows, it will help people with cancer which we are going to select by presenting cases to our community with total transparency. 40%You will get your d*ckie 3D made avatar which will allow you to use it in the metaverse. 60%The first season of the d*ckeyez cartoon will start its process making, all the d*ckies categories will take part in it. 80%Avatars for metaverse?. Yes, by selling out the d*ckies’ drop, d*ckeyez is going to buy a 3×3 land in the metaverse for all holders. 100%Party in Cancun for all holders, d*ckeyez is going to host a party for all holders and all crypto-nft-fashion influencers. oh, also we are going to release pussies roadmap. and if you are a holder yo will receive money with the mines that we will buy.

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