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David’s Head

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

David’s Head is a collection of 5,555 NFTs generated by hand drawings, based on David’s sculpture made by Michelangelo. Every NFT has something special, something unique. Be part of David’s Head community and help support small artists to be known in this world.Join and check what’s inside David’s Head.0-20% Sold Out – We will start promoting the project for creating a strong community. We would publish the public sale date in late February. First NFT giveaways on Twitter and Instagram.20-40% Sold Out – We will make more NFT but also ETH giveaways. Next, we will make our first donation to some foundation of at-risk children in Colombia.40-60% Sold Out – Creating a gallery website for helping artists to upload their art and star being known by free promotions. We will show the first sneak pics to the future 3D collection. Finally, we will make the second donation to an education foundation for kids in Colombia. More NFT giveaways!60-80% Sold Out -We will show the first look at 3D editions. More and more giveaways (NFTs and ETH). Investing and free publicity to new projects or artists. Third donation to cancer foundation.80-100% – Whitelist giveaways for the new 3D collection. We will be launching Davids Head merch. ETH giveaways to random holders. Project farewell !!!

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