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Daughters of Rainbow NFT Official Launch

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The Daughters of Rainbow is a 1,523-piece NFT project; the collaborative creative effort from an artist couple. One artist hand-painted 30 original daughters from portrait profiles collected from the streets of New York. The other then created 1,523 daughters in digital media art form – each with its own distinct style. The concept of the Daughters of Rainbow is anchored in the Rainbow Sea, which exists at the source of the Universe. All answers related to humans flow through the Rainbow Sea and manifest in the form of rainbow light. The artist hopes that NFTs in different forms can become virtual containers that capture this light — the Rainbow Essence – from the universe, storing the connection between humans and the Rainbow Sea, giving access to the answers to the source of life. There will be 1,523 Daughters of Rainbow NFT in phase I collection. Each cost the flat rate of 0. 05 ETH. 450 rare animated daughters in phase II collection. Each cost 0. 15 ETH. The private sale is on 26th Sep 2021 at 10 am UTC. The official launch is on 2nd Oct 2021 10 am UTC.

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