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Darshika – Kind Cyborgs

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

About DarshikaDarshika was transformed into a cyborg to guide the army fighting for good. She is fair, optimistic, wise, fair, and cooperative. Her powerful far-sighted vision lets her see throughout the various worlds in the Kind universe. Darshika can teleport to the places which she is able to see. There are 2500 traits of Darshika. About Kind CyborgsKind Cyborgs are protectors, healers, masterminds, warriors, and givers in Kind Universe. When there was no hope for humankind to beat the deadly evil forces. Kind Cyborgs were created to save and protect the human race. The cyborgs have their own world in the Kind Metaverse. Darshika is a character from the Kind Cyborgs Collection.

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