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Dark Zodiac NFT Launch

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Dark Zodiac is a non-generative 3D NFT collectibles project (all art crafted by hand, not code) inspired by the Chinese Zodiac folklore with a unique TCG experience. In Series 1, we are producing a limited 3,888 NFTs, There are 6 rarity tiers in total: Patron: Edition of 160Arcane: Edition of 90Mystic: Edition of 40Epic: Edition of 25Emperor’s Chosen: Edition of 8Dark Celestial: Edition of 1At launch, we are selling our NFTs in packs of 3 – just like trading card games! That means when you make 1 transaction, you get 3 NFTs. Launch price: 0. 5 ETH for each pack (0. 16 ETH per NFT)

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