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Danger Noodlez

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Danger Noodlez is a collection of 5555 uniquely generated art pieces, all made with pure love and hand drawn artwork.A Thoughtful, Dangerous and Noodleful MultiVerse. The Danger Noodlez, not a community, but a loyal family.These Noodlez were merely an imagination at one point in time… But with the livelihood of our artist’s imagination, they will now live on forever on the never ending Blockchain of Ethereum.Danger Noodlez has been built by a passionate, enthusiastic and hardworking team and a powerful grassroots community. The project offers incredible utility and is dedicated to support our community.Hold on to your seats (and your Noodlez) because we’re taking this family to a level that the NFT Space has never seen before!

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