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Dána Project Metaverse Jewellery

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

We are taking Irish Fine Jewellery to the Metaverse.Our vision is to become a leading digital atelier of fine jewellery wearables in the Metaverse. This isnt a once-off 10,000 NFT drop where you mint and hope for the floor price to rise to flip for a quick ETH. We are recruiting 30 NFT holders as part of the first drop who can regularly input and help slowly build our community for the long term.As a first step towards our daring goal, we will be dropping just 30 Dána Project NFTs at the end of March 2022. NFT holders will receive a 3D file they can use as a wearable across the Metaverse and will be posted a physical handmade Irish sterling silver pendant of the model so you can flex your jewellery in real and virtual life.Every three months, we will do extremely limited drops of 30-50 unique digital jewellery wearables that our community members can wear across the Metaverse to showcase their individualism. This will maintain scarcity and slowly build up our brands strength as the original luxury provider of wearable jewellery in the Metaverse.

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