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D1skon’s metaverse pu72

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

It’s a story of an astroperator d1skon who travels around the metaverse in search of a stardust elements. These elements contain unique abilities for mind, body and soul. Each element is different from one another and has a specific benefit, that can help you to stimulate good mood, health and protect you from negative energy. After years of extracting experience astroperator became valuable supplier to open sea platform, where they store them in antoi-graviti containers. In exchange for elements astroperator gets paid in ethereum. Since people found out that elements has positive effect, there has been big demand. After the purchase the more time you spend around element the better the effect. It is easyly stored on your digital devices and constantly charges the space around you with positive energy. There are quit a few elements on the list for people to choose from depending of their needs.

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