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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Cynovas first drop consists of 5,012 Cynovian NFTs that will exist on the Solana blockchain. We were fed up of seeing endless “ape and “copy-paste projects so we wanted to deliver artwork that is unique and fresh; which is why all of our art is hand-drawn by our Co-Founder. Cynova is a community-led project and all Cynova NFT holders will have voting power on future decisions via our Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). The core team is made up of 3 Co-Founders which all bring different and complimentary skills to the table: Tech/Coding, Marketing and Art. We arent just a PFP NFT project, we offer additional utility to all holders.Mint Price: 1 SOLMax Supply: 5,012Pre-Sale: Sunday 13th March 2022 @ 9pm UTCPublic-Sale: Sunday 13th March 2022 @ 10pm UTCSale Close: Monday 14th March 2022 @ 10pm UTCRoadmapPhase 1 (Feb 2022):Build CommunityFinalise ArtWorkDoxed via RadRugsLaunch DiscordBuild the NovaList (Whitelist)Phase 2 (Mar & Apr 2022):Minting via our websiteNovaDAO setupBluechip Partnerships and CollaborationsStaking $NovaMerch DropPhase 3 (May 2022):Minting “Cynova Spaceships“Easter Egg AirDropsCharity PartnershipsBreedingPhase 4 (June 2022 Onwards):Phase 4 plans will be voted and decided on by the NovaDAO. We have lots of ideas of what we would like to do in the future, but we would like the community to get involved with ideas and suggestions.

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