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Cyber Seeds

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

CyberSeedsis a collection of top marijuana strains in form of NFT tokens, backed byreal seedsfromworld-famous producers/suppliers.We are not ape club. We are like real hip hop!Seed selection and medical marijuana production is a way of our life, and we would like to share a piece of this experience with you.YourCyberSeedtoken is a fully-featured seed in thereal worldwith an added extra layer of digital data delivered using blockchain technology.This means that you can not only display it in the metauniverse, but also seed it remotely on our affiliated farms and harvesting an yield.Season 0 SingularityThe first 99 NFT Master Seeds in Season Zero will fall into the hands of:33 pieces- to a narrow circle of users who immediately joined the project (believed in us)33pieces – did something useful for us33 pieces- to the largest seed holders according to the results of the Season 2 saleThis NFT has a unique feature that will be revealed a little later so as not to create too much hype.Season 1 Welcome ListEarn points by participating in the life of our community server, inviting people, participating in contests, creating memes, showing pictures of your plantsThose who get into the welcome list will have the opportunity to get the first 1000 NFTs to their wallets at a significant discount!Season 2 Public SalePublic sale of the remaining 4000 seeds, after which you will be able to plant your seeds on our first affiliated farm located in South Africa

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