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Crystal Orchestra by Goldweard x Logan Nelson

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Renowned composer for movies, video games, contemporary dance performances, and NFTs Logan Nelson has joined forces with digital sculptor Goldweard for an NFT collection. Titled ‘Crystal Orchestra’, it will drop on May 10th on Nifty Gateway. The artists have been working for this NFT collection for several months, and the result is impressive! 15 unique Crystal Instruments created by Goldweard with original scores by Logan Nelson are featured in the collection. “For ‘Crystal Orchestra’ every single finger, glove and instrument was animated by hand in a process that took months. The animations are true to source, every note you see played corresponds to the note you hear” – writes Goldweard on Twitter. In addition, Goldweard and Logan Nelson invited 15 musicians to play music to each NFT piece. “A truly amazing accomplishment to have captured recordings and video performances from all over the world to serve as the canvas for Goldweard’s brilliant art” – writes Logan Nelson on Twitter. It’s gonna be such an impressive drop! Do not miss!I had the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented musicians for this project pic. twitter. com/jE2MzuLJwS— (@goldweard) May 7, 2021

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