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Crystal Fantasy by Tony Lopez

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Tour videographer, photographer, and 3D artist Tony Lopez is releasing his NFT Collection on Crypto. com. Titled ‘Crystal Fantasy’, it will drop on May 17th. Tony has elaborated his signature style mixing live reports with 3D animations that have been appreciated by such big names as Universal and Sony. Tony’s dreamy environments with a surreal style are really breathtaking. The Crystal Fantasy NFT collection will feature 4 surreal visuals. The ‘Crystal Ballet’ is one of the pieces within the drop. It is an audio-visual artwork that expresses freedom as well as 3 others: a skull visual with jellyfishes, an enchanted forest with big ladybugs, and a white sand planet. Producer Just Ben was responsible for the audio part. Mark your calendars for May 17th not to miss an amazing drop by Tony Lopez!

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