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Cryptophobic Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Cryptophobic Club NFT is a unique collection of 24x24px a bit provocative meme characters with names which are meant to symbolize the sphere of crypto opponents.All of the items from the collection have been created primarily for fun, but we believe we can gain some decent buzz in the NFT sphere.Cryptophobic Club NFT will be minted on Opensea on Polygon chain. The floor price at the start will be 0.03 ETH.Launch is intented at 100+ Twitter followers.Upon launching, a major giveaway event with strong hype potential is set. Further marketing and promotional activities as well as special editions are planned in the later stage.Find us:https://discord.gg/4T7sAuGzhttps://twitter.com/NftCryptophobichttps://t.co/UkTTapX9AK

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