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CryptoPanties by Rave Review

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

The female-led, high-end upcycling fashion brand Rave Review is entering the NFT space with their upcoming art collection “Cryptopanties. The release is supported by the digital fashion collector RedDAO, a crypto group with a balanced gender representation, holding a wide range of digital art pieces that invests in high-end digital fashion, and marks the start of their efforts to promote diversity in the metaverse by increasing the female presence within this emerging virtual space .The Stockholm-based fashion house Rave Review has earned a rebellious reputation by strongly promoting upcycling into the fashion scene. Their unapologetic one-off garments– all crafted from pre-owned fabrics and deadstocks– have given them a name in the world of physical fashion, and they are now ready to continue their questioning of fashion norms, this time in the NFT space.The Cyptopanties will be an identity marker and one-off collectible item, getting the cultural mark of the Rave Review brand, creating a valuable network to be part of, reuniting the community under common values and cultural preferences. In the physical world, the NFT will give access to exclusive contents such as early access to future drops and collaborations, discounts, access to exclusive events.“The panties are an unexpected garment. Super feminine. It made the most sense to us to design pieces for the types of people we hope to see more of in the metaverse – say creative directors Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück.According to Katia Kovalenko, RedDAO member and partner at P2P Capital, the move digitally of brands such as Rave Review are key:“I believe traditional brands can benefit a lot from the digital fashion movement. Digital fashion offers new and sustainable ways of extending the brand and diversifying its customer base, while also overcoming the physical limitations and carbon footprint of the traditional fashion industry.The mission of the project, with sales launching on International Womens Day 2022, is to carve out space and help promote diversity in the metaverse and gender-inclusivity. Rave Review is compiling a Guide to NFTs to accompany the release of Cryptopanties, to assist curious creatives and collectors alike in starting their own journey into the crypto scene. And because we know that Discord can seem a bit daunting at first, Instagram will also be used as a main channel of engagement, to enable a more diverse and interactive welcoming. In addition to being a progressive art piece, the panties will provide their holders with access to a supportive community vast in gender, interests and expressions.

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