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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

An exclusive collection of 636 Cryptocharacters from all types of cultures./PROJECT FOR INVESTORS PROFIT/ Each Tier will have different prices to make sure Investor’s Profit & Floor. Prices: 1-200 =0.01 Prices: 201-400= 0.03 Prices: 401-500= 0.06 Prices: 500-550=0.1 Prices: 551-600= 0.2 601-636: Ultra-exclusive NFT’s to be offered for sale in collaboration with new projectsROADMAP:Q4-2021: Start creating NFT modelsLooking for a Charity to destiny % salesFinish creating 600 NFT’s modelsQ1-2022: Create collection Landing page on OpenseaNFT CyptoAddoption Start Minting on openseaQ2/Q3/Q4-2022: Bringing to market the last 36 nfts for large investorsDonate 5% of profits to charitable organizations dealing with rare diseasesTo help with another 5% to the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide.

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