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Crypto Tediz

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

A private collection of 9,009 Tediz with weapons and accesories living in Polygon.Inspired by the N64 game Conker Bad Fur Day.There is only 9 special pieces.ROADMAP01/02/22 : Start creating NFT models.03/02/22 : Finish creating 9,009 NFT’s model.04/02/22 : Set Up social medias and WP-OWNERS Benefits.04/02/22 : Created collection landing page on opensea.08/02/22 : Start marketing and giveaways social media, discord.09/03/22 : NFT Crypto Tediz start minting on opensea??/??/?? : Crypto Tediz season 1 is sold out and 10% has been send to charity.??/??/?? : Start season 2 (the first 1000 holders will have 1 free NFT

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