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Crypto Pirates Presale

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Crypto Pirates is a new type of NFT collectible series and a game where 50% of the owners win prizes in money or NFTs. Guaranteed!Each NFT owner will fight, pirate against pirate during an event called The Grand Treasure Hunt. During each Treasure Hunt, only the quickest group of pirates will be able to open one of the many treasure chests with the keys that they have in their possession. Each treasure chest has a loot, but the luckiest group of pirates will be able to put their hands on the Grand Treasure Chest, which contains the richest Loot of the Seven Seas!During the First Treasure Hunt we will distribute prizes for 15 ETH with a GRAND PRIZE of 9 ETH!50% of our NFT owners wins a prize on every Grand Treasure Hunt!

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