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Crypto Guitar Collection (Initial 10 Release)

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Minting soon! This initial collection will feature 10 uniquely illustrated legendary guitars! Each NFT will feature a short audio clip of what the guitar sounds like. Worried there’s only 10? Don’t worry! There will be more. Beacuse each guitar is hand designed and illustrated by STILLCURIOUS, each guitar is 100% unique with a personal touch. That means each collection will be uniquely crafted, unlike mass generated NFT collections. So, each release will feature small quantity with high quality and rarity. This initial collection will feature guitars played by famous musicians including Dimebag Darell and Jack White. Each musician’s illustrated guitar will be cemented on the blockchain. The main hope of the project is to create aesthetically pleasing visuals and audio to enhance the experience of owning one of these legendary guitars and adding one to your NFT collection.

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