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Crypto Graveyard

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Crypto Graveyard is an utility NFT that will be released in 5 batches who will receive Grave coins as rewards. This project aims to reward active members and long term holders. NFTs will be minted and tradeable (OpenSea, Rarible etc) post pre-sale. NFT holders will receive Grave tokens rewards weekly (accrued daily), which can be claimed to your wallet on this website. Holding CG NFT can (1) Earn Grave rewards (2) Grave token price increase (3) CG NFT price increaseProceeds from NFT sales will be invested into liquidity pools and backed by stable coins. Profit will be shared across NFT holders. To avoid high Ethereum network charges, we will transfer rewards through Grave tokens on BSC network.

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