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Crypto Cartoons NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

About Us:Crypto Cartoons NFT is a collection of 999 randomly generated, with Japanese anime-style NFTs that exist on the Ethereum Blockchain. Crypto Cartoons holders will be able to participate in exclusive events such as raffles, community giveaways, NFT claims and more.Crypto Cartoons Roadmap:Our goal is to make sure that the Crypto Cartoons community remains strong and united before and after the mint. To do so, we will implement some strategies like creating events such as raffles, community giveaways,etc.Phase 1: We will start our project by implementing a marketing strategy for having a bigger community willing to follow us in this new journey.Phase 2: Once the community is big enough, the phase 2 will start, where we will be making some raffles of our NFT collection. After the raffles and some giveaways, the mint in Open Sea will be made. The price of the mint is 0.05 ETH, and there wont be whitelists, since the supply is very limited.Phase 3: After the sold-out is achieved, a percentage of the gains will be donated to charity and also given away between our holders, as a privilege of owning the Crypto Cartoon NFT.

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