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Crying Monkeys

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

A private collection of 10 monkeys living in polygonMade by a 19 years oldProject for investors profit some tier will have diferent prices to make sure investors profit and floor: all colors=0,025 eth black & white=0,05 eth multicolored special=0,06 eth.=====roadmap12/12/2021: start creating nft models02/01/2022: finish creating 8 nft models04/01/2022: start creating 2 exclusive nft models07/01/2022: finish creating black & white exclusive nft models08/01/2022:finish creating multicolored exclusive nft model03/02/2022: create collection landing page on opensea03/02/2022: create collection landing page on woonklySet up social mediasThe crying monkeys season 1 is sold out?? Start season 2 (holders will have 1 free nft)

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