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Cripto Aliens

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

1111 Cripto aliens!Cripto Aliens is not just a worthless image.The project is associated with the sunglasses brand Hond Eyewear based in Spain.10% of the annual profits that the company collects from the sale of sunglasses until 2029 will be invested in bitcoins and sent to Exodus wallet.The investments will be made at the end of each year, so the anual rise of bitcoin will multiply its value.These bitcoins will be held until yhe year 2030 and will be distributed among all the holders of the cripto aliens.The final amount will be divided by the total number of cripto aliens, as more cripto alien holders, the more bitcoin you will get.Firts will mint 111 Cripto Aliens, when the sale of the first 111 NFT ends, the next 111 are minted and so on.The price of the NFT will rise by 10%with each mint of its floor price.This isnt a crypto punk, bored ape or rude golem, this is a Cripto Aliens!!

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