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Creepy Cabins

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Creepy CabinsCreepy Cabins is an NFT Collection of generative digital art.Would you dare camp in these Creepy Cabins in the woods? Only the brave could, as these cabins are not only spooky and scary, but their mind-bending construction leaves you wondering if you’re awake or dreaming. Is someone standing in that window? How do you get up there? Are those trees really that massive or am I seeing things? Is that water, spider webs, or weeds? Is that cabin underground? How is there’s a light on in there?Which Creepy Cabin would you love to camp in? Which one would you never?Be part of the Creepy Cabins crew and get yours before someone else does. Only 99 items to be released in 3 phases over 30 days.Phase 1 33 Items February 19, 2022Phase 2 33 Items March 5, 2022Phase 3 33 Items March 19, 2022Images: jpg format, 2048×2048, 96 dpi

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